G32 2015-12-15 Oilers at Rangers – shot and distance data


The number that defined this game?  1-6.  They had the chance there to pull out at least a point but …

Call this a ‘learning experience’ for the Oilers.  One of the things that good teams do is get pissed off when they lose a game, and they get amped up the next time they play that same team.  That’s how the Rangers started this game. They were mad that they lost to the Oilers, and it showed.

The Oilers last year were as passive in the game after a loss as they were in the first one (which was usually a lot).  That’s why they managed to go winless against two really sh*tty teams like Calgary and Arizona.

Get mad when you lose a game, Oilers. This is your livelihood, this stuff matters, and emotion makes a difference.

All in all, though, for an injured squad in a road game after a b2b, not that bad.  Honestly.

Now back to your regularly scheduled numbers!

Game at a Glance

It wasn’t that good a game, I think the fancies flatter the Oilers.

CF% SACF% FF% DFF% SF% Avg Dist F Avg Dist A RelDist% GF%
54.4 52.9 51.2 52 53.8 29.9 30.5 1.9 25
Team Period Time Strength Shot Distance Danger
NYR 1  5:04  EV  Snap 29 1.2
EDM 2  5:12  PP  Wrist 22 1.5
NYR 2  7:54  EV  Slap 54 0.4
EDM 2  18:20  EV  Wrist 13 2.3
NYR 2  19:21  PP  Wrist 7 2.8
NYR 3  19:56  EN  Wrist 8 2.7

A cautionary note about the shot distances – the Rangers stats people are notorious for being quite ‘off’ in their numbers.

Dangerous Maps

Best defender by the numbers?  Nikita Nikitin!  He did have good game by eye.

Sekera and Nurse are just being wrecked, night after night.  Nurse is being fed to the wolves.

Player EVTOI DFA60 AvgDistA AvgDanger
N. Nikitin  14:24 17.5 29.2 1.04
J. Schultz  12:46 18.3 21.7 1.31
B. Davidson  13:48 26.5 54.3 1.01
E. Gryba  12:34 27.7 33.2 1.17
D. Nurse  15:35 53.5 34 1.16
A. Sekera  14:06 59.6 43 1.16
Pairing EVTOI DFA60 AvgDistA AvgDanger
J. Schultz N. Nikitin  11:36 20.2 21.7 1.31
E. Gryba B. Davidson  11:09 31.2 33.2 1.17
A. Sekera D. Nurse  12:20 66.6 32.4 1.25

Note how the Pakarinen injury played havoc with the lines. Also with my analysis program!

Head to Head



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