G31 2015-12-14 Oilers at Boston Booo-urns – shot and distance data


Hahahahahahahahaha.  Ouch.  Hahahahahahahahaha.  Cam Talbot. That is all.

Not going to fret this too much.  This is a team missing Klefbom, playing Nikitin over Fayne (yes, Fayne’s struggled but he’s still the better defender), and missing an entire line whose draft positions sum up to 6.

Game at a Glance

Man, you could ski on that game flow chart.  This game redlined my chart! For sake of comparability, I set the limits to +-20.  Oops.  Boooooo-urns!  Booooooo-urns!

CF% SACF% FF% DFF% SF% Avg Dist F Avg Dist A RelDist% GF%
28.7 33 27.8 31.1 26.3 39.2 36.6 -6.7 50


On a serious note, this is an example of where the distance-based danger rating breaks a bit – there were some wide angle goals that are rated more dangerous than they really were.

Team Period Time Strength Shot Distance Danger
EDM 1  8:29  EV  Wrist 8 2.7
EDM 1  13:58  EV  Wrist 21 1.5
BOS 2  13:29  EV  Backhand 9 2.2
BOS 3  15:22  EV  Wrist 33 0.7


Dangerous Fenwicks and Rink Maps for Defenders

Note: in the data dowload main CSV file, I’ve added CF/CA counts for player/pair/line for oth on ice and off ice.

Ouch.  Except Gryba Davidson.  What is up with them?  This is like three straight games leading the pack. How are they doing this?

Player EVTOI DFA60 AvgDistA AvgDanger
E. Gryba  16:26 31.4 43.7 0.54
B. Davidson  16:59 35 41.4 0.62
A. Sekera  18:41 49.5 38.1 0.73
D. Nurse  18:25 53.4 38.9 0.75
J. Schultz  14:29 62.1 29.4 1.07
N. Nikitin  14:44 63.9 29.6 1.04

Three clearly defined pairings tonight.

Pairing EVTOI DFA60 AvgDistA AvgDanger
E. Gryba B. Davidson  15:55 31.7 42.5 0.56
A. Sekera D. Nurse  17:33 50.3 38.4 0.73
J. Schultz N. Nikitin  13:48 65.2 29.4 1.07

Man what a shooting gallery it was.

Game Flow Charts

Yowzers.  The only saving grace tonight is that the purple lines mostly trail the yellow, meaning that the raw shot metrics overstate the level of domination.  So it was just extreme domination, as opposed to utter domination.

Head to Head




2 thoughts on “G31 2015-12-14 Oilers at Boston Booo-urns – shot and distance data

    1. I would say so, yes. Heavy line matching, and likely the rest of the time with BOS rapidly changing to get that line match, which would mean lots of ‘intermediate’ line and D combos through a game (I only capture the top 4 lines and the top 3 D pairings by TOI).


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