#OFDTO? Baloney. #TODDOF

Normally I’m all about the stats, but today, you get a rant.

It’s become de rigeur among the Oilitterati to respond with the hashtag of #OFDTO in reaction to some particularly asinine opinion or the other, like when someone blames Taylor Hall for ten years of Oiler management incompetence.

As in: Oiler Fans Deserve the Oilers.

As in: There are stupid fans amongst us, so therefore we deserve this decade of garbage teams that’s been foisted on us.

And I get that, I really do.

Being a fan of this team can drive you crazy – and, like a group of crazed animals trapped in the cage of our fandom, we turn on each other.

But here’s the reality of it.

That idea is, pardon my language, complete and utter bullshit.

Despite the occasional dumb opinion, the Oiler fan base on balance is

  • Extremely knowledgeable
  • Extremely passionate
  • Extremely loyal

And we are all those things despite the fact that we stand today buried to our necks in a pile of crap that has resulted from the poo flung in our faces for the last decade by the monkeys in Oiler management.

Now turning this broken Good Ship Oiler around is not going to be quick, nor without pain. I get that.

I hope that Chiarelli is a. not a monkey, and b. up to the task.

It would be nice – sometime in my lifetime! – to once again indulge our fandom while NOT covered in feces.

But I’m not sure the Oilers understand how lucky they are to have a fanbase this knowledgeable, passionate, and loyal after having faced this much poo.

The reality right now is this: #TODDOF

As in: The Oilers Don’t Deserve Oiler Fans.

That’s a fact.


3 thoughts on “#OFDTO? Baloney. #TODDOF

  1. Well, yeah. But alternatively, if the guy driving the bus crashes it, don’t give him another bus. Fan loyalty is located in the weird hindbrain where my U2 and Cindy Crawford love lives… it’s a product of what my brain remembers about being a teenager. But maybe the better fan love, agape if you will, is mercilessly mercenariously mendaciously abandoning loser teams.

    The Oilers would have righted the ship sooner if fans had stopped. showing. up. Seems that a fair weather fan base (ahem, Capitals) might be the best if you want your team to actually be a winner.


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