G20 2015-11-20 – Oilers vs Devils – shot and distance data

  • The NHL didn’t post the detailed game data til this morning, hence the delay in getting this posted.
  • I mentioned in the last game that I thought the turn north was coming.  I also showed in a previous article that the Oiler trend this year is showing a pattern of distinct improvement.  This game was a test – the Oilers are a pure ‘sawtooth’ this year, with a bad game religiously following a good game (see chart below).  This was the ‘bad game’ – and it was a plus Corsi game and a big win.
  • The New Jersey Turn NORTH Pike – amirite?
  • Keep it up lads!  Restore our faith one game at a time!

The Oiler ‘sawtooth’ breaks above 50% on the lower end:


Game at a Glance

I like this chart, though the Dangerous Fenwick and the shot distance give me pause.  That’s maybe what TMc was referring to when he called it ‘less polished’.  If you look at the detailed shot data, you’ll also see that Edmonton took a handful of super-long-range slap shots, so there’s also an aspect of ‘Edmonton long’ as opposed to ‘NJD close’.  Also credit to Nilsson.

Fenwick has disappeared because it is 50%.


Five on five:

CF% SACF% FF% DFF% SF% Avg Dist F Avg Dist A RelDist% GF%
51.4 54.1 50 43.3 58.8 40.2 28.7 -28.5 100
Goal Overview

(Note: “Danger” is my calculation of how dangerous this shot is relative to an average shot, given shot type and distance.  This is the number used in “Danger Adjusted Fenwick” below and in the chart above)

Team Period Time Strength Shot Distance Danger
EDM 1  6:59  EV  Tip-In 10 2.3
N.J 2  6:04  PP  Wrist 34 0.7
EDM 2  7:12  EV  Wrist 32 0.8
EDM 3  3:23  PP  Wrist 7 2.8
EDM 3  13:18  EV  Wrist 26 1.1
EDM 3  17:29  EV  Wrist 40 0.4
Shot Overview

OK, I’m experimenting with another new format AND new charts.  I’m showing the shot summary table, and then I’m going to throw a bazillion charts at you.  The new ones are rink map charts that show the shots given up when the top 3 D pairings (by TOI) were on the ice.

Even Strength / Shots and Distances (ft)

 Wrist Slap Snap Backhand Tip-In Wrap-around Deflected
For  10 / 43.2  2 / 62.5  6 / 38.3  –  1 / 10.0  1 / 6.0  –
Against  8 / 26.8  –  4 / 41.0  1 / 13.0  1 / 11.0  –  –

All Situations / Shots and Distances (ft)

 Wrist Slap Snap Backhand Tip-In Wrap-around Deflected
For  15 / 35.0  3 / 59.3  7 / 38.6  –  1 / 10.0  1 / 6.0  –
Against  12 / 27.5  –  5 / 42.2  1 / 13.0  2 / 12.0  –  –


SA, SF, SF% – Shots For, Against, %; DIST F, A – Average shot distance for and against; REB F, A – rebound shots for and against





I don’t think the Nurse-Gryba pairing works.  Then again, it’s probably fair to say most nights that the x-Gryba pairing doesn’t work.  Fayne-Klef on the other hand had a terrific game.

Label format is: [shooter#: distance, type, danger rating]




The DFA/60 table for defenders is interesting.  By this measure, Fayne was a defensive superstar against his old team.  Gryba was by far and away the sore spot.

Player EVTOI DFA60 AvgDistA AvgDanger
B. Davidson  16:08 37.2 27.1 1.25
Klef  13:13 23.6 37.4 0.74
D. Nurse  16:37 37.6 26.6 1.3
E. Gryba  15:28 53.9 25.5 1.26
G. Reinhart  14:58 40.9 28.8 1.13
M. Fayne  12:08 17.8 41.5 0.6
Pairing EVTOI DFA60 AvgDistA AvgDanger AvgDanger
D. Nurse E. Gryba  12:22 50.5 26.6 1.3 1.3
G. Reinhart B. Davidson  12:38 39.4 29.1 1.19 1.19
M. Fayne Klef  11:20 19.1 41.5 0.6 0.6

I drop pairings with less than 2:00 min EV TOI, but these are what cause the difference between the individuals and the main pairings.

Player Head to Head Charts

New chart format, adds TOI and overall shot % to each chart.  Game % at top. Note: all tables of Fenwick and Corsi, along with breakdowns of players, defensive pairings, and forward lines is now embedded in the game summary CSV downloaded at the bottom of the page.




Data for Download

Includes the information above, plus Corsi, Fenwick, shift summaries, player times and WOWYs, data for head to head, etc. 


Complete Glossary

CF, CA, CF% – Corsi For, Against, %

SACF, SACA, SACF% – Scored Adjusted Corsi For, Against, %

FF, FA, FF% – Fenwick For, Against, %

DFF, DFA, DFF% – Danger (shot type and distance) Adjusted Fenwick For, Against, %

SA, SF, SF% – Shots For, Against, %

DIST F, A – Average shot distance for and against (in feet, not yet adjusted for rink bias)

REB F, A – rebound shots for and against.  Uses the “4 second” rule.


One thought on “G20 2015-11-20 – Oilers vs Devils – shot and distance data

  1. Can we get cumulative (season) statistics for the defense?
    I am curious about Reinhart. By eye, he looks good to me. Wondering how the metrics feel about him.
    Great work btw.


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