The Oilers were ‘pensive’ in the first period against Montreal

In today’s ‘pre-game raw’ interview with Taylor Hall, he talked about how MTL and CGY play similar styles, and how the Oilers need to play tonight the way they played in the last two periods against MTL.

In describing the Montreal game, Hall said the Oilers were “pensive” in the first period.

Interesting choice of word.

I suspect he meant to say “passive”.

Or maybe “tentative”?

Or did he really mean pensive?

Let’s review (definitions from Google):

  • tentative – hesitating, done without confidence
  • passive – accepting or allowing what happens or what others do, without active response or resistance
  • pensive – engaged in, involving, or reflecting deep or serious thought

I’m guessing that pensive was likely just a mistaken choice of words, but part of me hopes that Hall chose the right word, and that is truly what happened.

Because if you’re going to come out of the gates slow, doing so because you’re ‘pensive’ is not that bad!

In other words, the Oilers’ first period was something like this, eventually featuring Connor McDavid as Socrates:

Please note: I am not making fun of Taylor Hall, he and his character problems.  I’m a big fan. I just noticed that interesting choice of word, and what a great word it is in the context of hockey!, and thought it was worth having a little fun with it.

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