G9 2015-10-25 Oilers vs Los Angeles – shot and distance data

NEW! Head to head charts for Corsi, Danger Adjusted Fenwick, and Time On Ice.

I’ll be continuing to refine the format and presentation of this page.  For this go-round, I’m publishing mostly charts, and the full volume of detailed data is available as downloadable CSV’s if you want to use the numbers for any follow-on analysis.  Let me know if you find any errors, this is very much in development.  Feedback and suggestions welcome.


  • Another weak start … need to start faster, boys.
  • Hope Schultz is OK.  Yeah, I know he was terrible tonight.  But who’s going to replace him, Ference?
  • Klefbom looks lost out there.  Again.  SNAP OUT OF IT! (in fairness, the numbers do suggest that Klefbom was brutal in his pairing with Schultz, but did just fine without him.  By my eye, I thought he struggled for much of the game, though, with or without Jultz)
  • Sekera is starting to look like the guy we hoped to get when he was signed.
  • Man the Kings just get away with murder.  If you haven’t seen it, this vine shows definitively that McDavid’s shot was a goal – and it wasn’t close. (h/t Striatic @ Lowetide)

The numbers below are probably a fair reflection of the game.  The Oilers were beaten by a better team – with liberal help from the men in stripes.

Game at a Glance

S20152016-G120-PbP EV Summary

CF% SACF% FF% DFF% SF% Avg Dist F Avg Dist A RelDist% GF%
48.4 45.3 49.2 45.1 49.0 33.4 36.6 9.6 49.0
Goal Overview

(Note: “Danger” is my calculation of how dangerous this shot is relative to an average shot, given shot type and distance.  This is the number used in “Danger Adjusted Fenwick” below and in the chart above)

Team Period Time Strength Shot Distance Danger
EDM 1  4:42  EV  Wrist 6 2.9
L.A 1  6:04  EV  Wrist 20 1.6
L.A 2  13:36  EV  Wrist 20 1.6
EDM 3  13:56  PP  Tip-In 22 0.9
L.A 3  16:34  PP  Wrist 13 2.3
Shot Type and Distance

SA, SF, SF% – Shots For, Against, %; DIST F, A – Average shot distance for and against; REB F, A – rebound shots for and against.

The average LA shot was from 37 ft away, while the Oilers shots averaged 33 ft away, or 10% closer.  The histograms below show the breakdown by distance range.

S20152016-G120-PbPShot Histogram(5v5)

S20152016-G120-PbPShot Histogram(All)

Even Strength / Shot Count and Distances (ft)

S20152016-G120-PbP  Type vs Dist  (5v5)

 Wrist Slap Snap Backhand Tip-In Wrap-around Deflected
For  10 / 28.0  1 / 62.0  8 / 48.5  3 / 13.7  –  1 / 6.0  1 / 24.0
Against  13 / 35.5  2 / 68.5  7 / 40.6  1 / 16.0  –  –  2 / 8.0
All Situations / Shot Count and Distances (ft)

S20152016-G120-PbP  Type vs Dist  (All)

 Wrist Slap Snap Backhand Tip-In Wrap-around Deflected
For  11 / 26.8  1 / 62.0  10 / 47.7  3 / 13.7  1 / 22.0  1 / 6.0  1 / 24.0
Against  21 / 28.0  2 / 68.5  7 / 40.6  1 / 16.0  –  –  3 / 9.3
Player Head to Head Charts

Note: all of the previous tables of Fenwick and Corsi, along with breakdowns of players, defensive pairings, and forward lines is now embedded in the game summary CSV downloaded at the bottom of the page.   Instead, I’ll simply be publishing the head to head time, Corsi, and Danger Fenwick charts.

S20152016-G120-PbP CF Head to Head

S20152016-G120-PbP DFF Head to Head

S20152016-G120-PbP TOI Head to Head

Data for Download

Includes the information above, plus Corsi, Fenwick, shift summaries, player times and WOWYs, etc.

Game summary: https://app.box.com/s/gjv6badmgqbf7uih5vkihru806vo7srq

CF head to head: https://app.box.com/s/fzxm1g6zya3nz8rnougrrgd7joap30ce

DFF head to head: https://app.box.com/s/9u2rqtfm31zvlq6qcajdane95n3j6i89

TOI head to head: https://app.box.com/s/pfn1gxknsmo5zsfbz105a0egzjcs15x5

Complete Glossary

CF, CA, CF% – Corsi For, Against, %

SACF, SACA, SACF% – Scored Adjusted Corsi For, Against, %

FF, FA, FF% – Fenwick For, Against, %

DFF, DFA, DFF% – Danger (shot type and distance) Adjusted Fenwick For, Against, %

SA, SF, SF% – Shots For, Against, %

DIST F, A – Average shot distance for and against (in feet, not yet adjusted for rink bias)

REB F, A – rebound shots for and against.  Uses the “4 second” rule.


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