Head to head CF% visualization for playoff teams

I did this chart for all teams a few weeks ago.

This is the same chart with only the playoff teams.  Since it’s a smaller chart, I annotated the CF% in the cells.

figure_1 head to head Corsi for playoffs 2015


5 thoughts on “Head to head CF% visualization for playoff teams

  1. Great work. It might be just me, but this table seems easier to read than previous interpretations.

    Really nice to be able to check a teams’ possession metrics at a glance and the colour-coding allows for very rapid scanning of information. Man, those ‘Hawks have a nice team and that heavy red square in the CGY line is something. I remember the game that set that tone and it was a slaughter on the shot-clock. Flames still won but it was a game where you thank every God you can name afterwards because somebody will be coming to collect on that debt.


  2. I’ve found value in all your charts so far, but these are by far my favourite. If these are easy to churn out, I’d like to see a lot more.

    2013-14 playoff teams
    2013-14 regular season

    Actually probably all the playoff teams only and regular season – all teams that you have the data for would be nice.

    I’m curious to see how the regular season corsi match-ups correlate to the playoff series corsi results. As well as who lost the corsi battle in the playoffs but prevailed via PDO. I realize I’ll have to look much of this data up myself, but your visualizations will take care of all the regular season data.


  3. Quick suggestion that may further help readability
    1) sort the y-axis teams from worst overall CF% to best (instead of alphabetical)
    2) sort the x-axis teams from best CF% to worst

    Then you would expect to see the lower left of the visualization to be bluish while the upper right to be red with all of the gradients in between. (maybe you tried this already)


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