We are not a particularly hopeful bunch.  We’re reasonably comfortable that a few status quo items will be preserved, but on the rest we’re either not confident in MacT or confident that MacT is not going to do something BOLD.

Huh, go figure.  Didn’t take MacT long to “develop a past”, did it?

On to the results!  There were 59 respondents, and here is what we collectively think might happen …


Question Mean Stdev
Hire Todd Nelson as coach 67.8% 18.9
Hire Mike Babcock (or another power veteran) as coach 22.7% 17.7

So collectively we figure there’s a 2/3rds chance or so of TNel being back.  A little over 20% likelihood of hiring a big gun from somewhere else.  That leaves just shy of 10% unaccounted for.  Presumably: the triumphant return of Dallas Eakins!


Question Mean Stdev
Sign a top notch 2C 17.1% 14.6
Sign Roy, so Yak/Roy can remain a combo next year 68.5% 20.2
The Doctor (LD) stays with the big club 51.2% 25.2

We’re predicting that Roy will stay … even moreso than the Toddster.  Not really expecting any help in a top notch 2C from elsewhere.

I lumped Dr. Drai in here as well since there’s at least a chance that him staying with the club means he slots in at 2C.  Because … you know the rest.

Puttin’ Out the Tire Fire

Question Mean Stdev
Sign or trade for a Top 2 D (a la Seabrook) 35.9% 27.4
Sign or trade for a Top 4 D (a la Petry) 50.8% 27.8

The best we’re expecting is a lukewarm chance of a restoration to Petry levels.  Otherwise, we’re not expecting help to be on the way.  Sigh.

Stop the ‘effin Puck for a Change

Question Mean Stdev
Sign or trade for a proven 1G 54.1% 22.7
Sign or trade for another unproven G (e.g. Jones) 48.1% 24.2

Almost 50-50 between fixing the goalie and repeating the Scrivens-Fasth experiment.

No goalie fix?  How’s Auston Mathews looking?

The Kids Will Save Us! (For the Umpteenth Time)

Question Mean Stdev
The Doctor (LD) stays with the big club 51.2% 25.2
The Nurse (DN) stays with the big club 50.0% 26.9
The Oilers draft one of Hanistromarner and he plays in the bigs next year 36.8% 30.3

At least we’re not expecting Hanistromarner to help next year!  I wish I could say for sure that MacT thinks the same thing …


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