Head to head Corsi Visualization

Not sure if anyone’s done this before, but hey, it’s new to me…

A pretty cool visualization (if I do say so myself) of head-to-head cumulative even strength Corsi for every team vs every other team (click to embiggen).

You’ll sometimes see these for players within games, so I thought, why not teams?

The stats are more valid this way anyway – one games worth of Corsi for a player is a pretty weak stat, and it gets even weaker when you slice it down to shifts.

[Note: it was pointed out to me that the original red/green light colorbar was extremely unfriendly to people with deuteranopia and related forms of red-green color blindness, so I’ve updated with a more appropriate colour scheme.  H/t to Gordie’s Elbow and Slambanna]

Check out the one blue square for BUF.

EV Corsi Head to Head All Teams - colorbar - 2015-04-02 v2


2 thoughts on “Head to head Corsi Visualization

  1. I had an idea awhile back that ties into this.
    What if you could filter team Corsi to only include against teams that either a) made the playoffs last year or b) were currently in a playoff position?
    Same for Corsi close or fen close.
    I wonder if this would be a better predictor of playoff success (fen close against other playoff teams only) than fenclose itself???


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